Jay C. Lind

Mobile (719) 428-8468








·         Active U.S. government Secret security clearance adjudication date 2005

·         Manpower Requirements Analyst

·         Approving Official DOD Government Purchase Card Program

·         Program allocation and Control

·         Professional Simulation certified

·         Microsoft Office Suite

·         Defense Travel system Approval Authority

·         Manpower Data Systems

·         Organizational Analysis

·         Outsourcing/Privatization Studies

·         Benchmarking

·         Process Improvement

·         Work Measurement

·         Correlation and Regression

·         Evaluates Organization Structure

·         Manpower Data Systems

·         Process reengineering

·         Improvement initiatives

·         Leadership Skills


·         Safety Officer

·         Competitive sourcing

·         Operational Planning and Execution

·         Statistical Equations for Future needs

·         Facilitation/ Workshops

·         Performance planning

·         Manpower Metric development

·         Develops Short/Long term goals

·         Prepares/Interprets drawings/Schematics

·         Construct/Modify buildings

·         Manage, inspect, and evaluates work centers

·         Troubleshoots/Repairs locking devices

·         Identifies and Selects construction materials

·         Fabricates metal trusses/Erects steel

·         Install floor coverings (wood, tile, carpeting)

·         Fabricates sheet metal ducting

·         Inspects/Maintains overhead doors

·         Constructs/Repairs concrete Slabs/footers






Manpower Requirements Analyst, Peterson AFB, CO           (March 2010-Present)


·         Led analyst team to develop the first Manpower Standard for the United States Air Force Academy, efforts led to saving over $1.2M in associated manpower costs.

·         Facilitated workshops, collected data for over 429 Missile Combat Crew positions, through data analysis reduced 143 positions for a savings of over $300K.

·         Analyzed data collected for over 100 Capability based Manpower Standards, ensuring 100% accuracy, over a seven year period.

·         Consolidated 64 work centers into 24 work centers eliminating redundancy and excess overhead by 38%.

·         Oversaw annual budget of over $60k for Squadron purchases resulting in zero errors during annual audits.


Manpower Requirements Analyst, Buckley AFB, CO (October 2006-March 2010)


·         Adaptable to current situation, developed alternate method of data collection when the standard practices would not allow for accurate and timely data collection saving over $342K in wasted man-hours.

·         Utilizing latest computer technology saving $350K in travel related expenses and accomplishing workshops online three weeks ahead of schedule.

·         Provided leadership instructions to 38 personnel weekly, efforts resulted in a 95% compliance rate for required training.

·         Developed manpower standard for United State Air Force Academy’s Dean of Faculty Registrar office, Consolidated several work centers into one, reducing six positions.   


Structural Craftsman, Charleston AFB, SC (May 2000-October 2006)


·         Led 20 person team during six deployment, remodeled 35 latrine trailers creating over 21,000 sq. ft. of portable office space.

·         Operated Civil Engineer Lock shop, Installed commercial locks, High security locks on numerous of safes/vaults and various containers.

·         Installed, maintained and repaired overhead rollup doors and aircraft hangar doors.

·         Flight training manager, taught Squadron personnel on proper use of equipment, personal protective equipment

·         Frequently remodeled facilities from bare walls to turnkey offices/buildings

·         NCOIC of “Self Help” for Civil Engineer Squadron, managed over $250k in 12 months






·         Pursuing an Associates Degrees in Human Resource Management and Construction Technology, (currently at 90 Credit Hrs., estimated completion date May 2013)

·         United States Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer Academy graduate

·         Manpower Apprentice Course graduate

·         Manpower Craftsman Course graduate

·         AFRC Mission Support Group Commanders Seminar (leadership) graduate

·         DOD government purchase card course

·         DOD purchase card online systems

·         Structural Apprentice Course graduate

·         Structural Craftsman Course graduate

·         Low slope roofing maintenance and repair course

·         Roof installation, maintenance and repair course